At London Compliance Solutions we realise that banks and building societies make up a core component of the modern financial market. Playing an instrumental role and fulfilling both the needs of companies and customers alike. We have long standing compliance relationships with banking organisations of all sizes, from small independent banking companies to tier 1 banking corporations. We provide an ever-important compliance solution that fits banks from every corner of the globe.

London Compliance Solutions: Banking Support

While we know that most banks will have an inhouse compliance and audit team, we work hand in hand with these businesses to provide an independent perspective. Some of our clients have been incredibly happy to have our expertise; casting an eye over their banking practices and finding shortfalls that may have been missed. When these companies are operating on a large scale, such shortfalls can cost them millions; take PPI for an example.

Aside from the larger conglomerates, we love nothing better than to provide a financial compliance solution to smaller banks. Obtaining a banking license is fraught with difficulty and we know of only one major high street bank to do so since the financial collapse in 2008. That being said, we also know because that bank did it, it is possible and we as a compliance firm are vital in assisting obtain that license.

Products & Projects

We also operate licensing projects and task specific audits which make up the majority of our banking business. Ordinarily a bank will require an independent component to a product launch or in some cases independent audits of a particular part of their business. London Compliance Solutions prides itself on having worked with some of the largest (and smallest) banks to complete this work.

We have experience in a multitude of different banking specialisms including;

  • Retail Banking
  • Corporate Banking
  • Investment Banking
  • Commercial Banking

To find out more about our banking services, get in touch with us today.