Payment Services

At London Compliance Solutions, we have an experienced team of payment specialists who continue to work with a large number of institutions within the UK as well as firms that fall under the Payment Services Directive. Whether you trade under the FCA or any other regulator, we have dedicated professionals on hand to assist with your needs.

Authorisation and Implementation

We pride ourselves on the great relationships we have established with the FCA and other regulatory bodies. These great relationships mean that our clients benefit from a wholly compliant service from setting up and authorisation all the way through to ongoing Payment Services management. With an experienced professional on hand, you will have the peace of mind that all of your compliance needs are being addressed, letting you get back to building and growing your business.

A Multinational Compliance Firm that Speaks Your Language

We work and collaborate with both business and regulators to ensure that everyone is on the same page. This includes working across borders, language barriers and for firms that are Passporting. Some of our core clients include FX Brokers, Money Remitters (Retail, Commercial and Wholesalers) and a number of firms such as payment account providers, acquirers and payment instruments. This is not limited to real world financial transactions and we are always keen to work with Crypto-currency brokers, organisations and operators.
We love a new challenge and will be happy to provide advice and recommendations for any business operating within the PSD remit.

London Compliance Solutions: Payment Services

Contact us if you need to have more information about the Payment Services Directive, we are always obliging with our knowledge and aim to inform our clients rather than tell them what to do. If you are unsure if you fall under the Payment Services Directive scope, then get in touch and we will complete a compliance check to give you a full overview of any financial regulation that is binding on your business.
Get in touch now, our prices are affordable and accessible. We want to help you succeed.