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Should you need to get in touch with us to enquire about our products and services or global availability of our team members, please feel free to contact us at the following e-mail address:


We aim to answer all your enquiries with the urgency your business requires. Please ensure you state which country you are contacting us from, so we can forward your enquiry to one of our locally based team members, or to one of our specialist teams.

London Compliance Solutions

Telephone: 01462 235243 London Office
Telephone: +356 792 288 618 Malta Office
Mobile: +44 7826774418

Business Support

Training and Development to match your requirements

Effective training is an integral component of a succesful business. We offer professional training programmes designed to keep our clients informed of the latest developments affecting their business. These programmes are led by acknowledged experts within London Compliance Solutions and developed with a practical and commercial focus.

Our experience in planning, delivery and evaluation of training solutions include:

all of which give us invaluable insights into real life problems and situations to share with you. We focus on training people to enhance and develop their skills and knowledge.

We deliver interesting and memorable bespoke training and development packages focused on your desired outcomes.

Do you require different kind of business support?

LCS is ready to help you with all kind of business support services. Are members of your staff working in a different country? Do they require language support/training? Drafting of documents in a foreign language? Do you need urgent translation of corporate documents? If yes, we are happy to help.