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London Compliance Solutions

Telephone: 01462 235243 London Office
Telephone: +356 792 288 618 Malta Office
Mobile: +44 78 2677 4418

Compliance Support

London Compliance Solutions is experienced at working with firms from a wide range of financial sectors, including Payment Services, Electronic Money, Consumer Credit, Investments and Banking. Our core services in these areas are listed below.

Active Compliance Solution

Once authorised it may only be a matter of time before legislation changes require your firm’s compliance procedures to undergo review in order to keep up with the latest regulatory developments. London Compliance Solutions provide a complete ongoing compliance monitoring service, which looks to not only analyse and assess your firms regulatory policies, but also to survey wider procedures including risk management (Insert link) and financial reporting (insert link).

The core Monitoring process will involve a London Compliance Solutions Consultant visiting your premises on a periodic basis, to discuss your current Compliance infrastructure and requirements. In the initial meeting, we will address the areas requiring of updating, and supply you with the necessary documentation and information to implement these policies and procedures with minimal impact to your business operations. By taking this information, we will supply a formalised reporting detailing our feedback, and create a comprehensive reporting programme to effectively monitor these areas in following visits.

In addition to these periodic reviews, our Compliance Team is happy to assist with Ad-hoc queries, FCA interaction and one off Document reviews when you need us. At London Compliance Solutions we understand that you want to excel in your sector, and therefore aim to not only relieve the burden of time inefficient regulatory development, but use our experience to implement changes in a way that best suits you.

Secondments and Recruitment Assistance

Should you feel that the Compliance or Risk functions at your firm require additional assistance, London Compliance Solutions has developed a uniquely diversified network of experienced individuals who can either second or move directly into your firm and begin to redesign your compliance infrastructure in the short term.

In addition, a number of these individuals will not only have the full support and knowledge of International Compliance to draw on, but they will impart their knowledge throughout the firm, allowing for internal training of your staff members to apply this knowledge and become experienced compliance professionals in their own right.