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Compliance Training Solutions

Compliance is an area which is constantly changing, and we want to help your adapt to those changes in the best way possible. We recognize that in addition to the redevelopment of documentation and procedures, it is essential that your staff have an innate understanding of what exactly their personal compliance responsibilities are.

Know Your Customer (KYC) Training

We know that the front line customer facing individuals who are conducting the day to day business activities at your firm are an important part of the overall compliance process, and often act as the first line of defence. At London Compliance Solutions, we look to inform individuals as to how their business works, and how to apply due diligence in day to day transactions in a way that is practical, but also protects your business from harmful external forces.

Teaching individuals to “Know Your Customer” is the first and most basic level of AML due diligence, and for payment service institutions particularly, it is essential that your staff have this basic knowledge before acting on behalf of your company.

Market Abuse Training

Market abuse is an area which particularly affects Financial Services Firms, and has been at the forefront of the FCA’s mandate since its inception, in response to the Financial Crisis in 2008. Market Abuse is not always a straightforward affair, and most firms take an honest approach to their investment activity. It is often found that the majority of firms fined for failing to meet their Market Abuse requirements are not fined for intervening legislation, but rather that their Market Abuse policies are not robust enough to accurately represent that the firm has taken appropriate measures to avoid occurrence of Market abuse issues.

With the enforcement of the Alternative Investment Fund Management Directive in 2014, Investment Management Firms are required to have sufficient Market Abuse training on a periodic basis to ensure that relevant staff members are full aware of their responsibilities under the relevant EU legislation. At London Compliance Solutions, we have a well-structured course, covering these essential requirements, in a use friendly and time effective manner.

Approved Person Compliance Training

Irrespective of the type of firm, your Compliance Officer and Money Laundering Reporting Officer will need to demonstrate a competent and capable knowledge in the UK regulatory Sphere. Our experienced team includes members who have past extensive expertise as CF10 (Compliance Oversight), CF11 (Money Laundering Reporting Officer) and PSD Compliance individuals, who have the knowledge relay on to your Compliance Team, and prepare them as necessary for their responsibilities within your firm.

This can range from particular roles, such as a Significant Influence Function, or a more general course for the Money Laundering Reporting Officer and the management of the firm, who want to take a mind and management approach over the Compliance Infrastructure of the firm.

Add Hoc Training

Should a particular regulatory development or operational change affect your business, London Compliance Solutions can design specific training courses to accurately address the relevant changes and tailor a complete training experience which assists in the transition of your business’ compliance needs.