GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

With recent sweeping changes being bought in by the EU to regulate data protection, London Compliance Solutions has expanded its team to accommodate with the influx of businesses requiring help. Headed up by Alex Bustos, the GDPR team are highly qualified and possess the expertise to help your business integrate the new GDPR rules easily. Alex himself, has studied extensively on the GDPR legislation and coupled with a successful legal background, this gives him a distinct advantage over other compliance firms operating in this arena.

What is GDPR?

GDPR is a new legislation that has been bought in by the EU to make existing data protection laws more robust. Because the way we process data is changing rapidly as technology becomes more and more sophisticated, it was decided that the data that was being handled and processed needed stringent measures put in place to protect everyday individuals.

Proposed in 2015, companies have until May 2018 to become fully compliant. If you haven’t implemented your GDPR measures it is crucial you do so now, get in contact with us to help you.

What Does GDPR Contain?

Broadly speaking there are a few key areas that GDPR asserts a company must do in order to comply with the legislation.

If there is a data breach, you must notify the local data protection regulator.

If you failed to protect the data adequately you could be fined up to 4% of your turnover or €20 million.

Protecting a customer’s personal information is paramount and the expectation is to anonymise the data held as much as possible, using serial numbers to identify clients rather than names for example.

There are many other facets to GDPR and it is a complex bit of legislation.

To benefit from our expertise and make sure you comply with the new rules, get in contact with us today and ask to speak to Alex to discuss your GDPR needs.