At London Compliance Solutions, part of our core business is finding suitable staff to fill compliance or approved roles within financial firms.

Spearheaded by Sally Bustos, our recruitment business provides personnel solutions for both short term and long-term positions.

A Bit About Sally and the Recruitment Process

Sally has worked for over 25 years in the recruitment, HR and training and development sectors. With a vast range of expertise and a huge pool of talent to draw on, she can fill your position for you with the highest calibre staff.

If you’re hiring for a compliance manager to oversee your processes on a daily basis, Sally and the team can either provide a member of staff to fill that role, or place someone with you on a temporary basis until all compliance requirements have been satisfied.

We provide;
  • Full/Part Time Staff Members
  • Long Term/Short Term Placements

Recruitment Credentials

Hiring for an approved position within your financial firm can be a particularly daunting venture, often times you will have to place a lot of faith in an individual if you’re recruiting from scratch and the vetting process may fail to highlight potential problems before it is too late.

Because approved functions are so heavily monitored, bringing someone through the door and placing your faith in them could prove disastrous. Our recruitment process is extremely strict, we vet all candidates, ensure that the information they provide to us is accurate as well as checking any relevant approved person lists to ensure they are compliant.

We can fill compliance and approved person positions across the entire scope of a financially regulated business including fulfilling FCA controlled functions such as CF10, CF11 etc.

We pride ourselves on placing the most capable individuals into firms and our clients frequently retain staff and come back to hire more.

To find out more about our recruitment, please call and ask to speak to Sally Bustos today.