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Regulatory Compliance

Depending on your business, it may be subject to any number of legislation in the UK and EU, as well as some legislation having a third party effect on you through your clients and third party providers. Not all legislation will require your business to actively comply, however some specific regulations require your business to conduct activity in a certain way, or maintain particular standards in order to carry out its daily business.

The London Compliance Solutions Team comprises of experienced qualified Compliance Professionals on the relevant legislation and will work with you to ensure your business meets its regulatory requirements.

SYSC Senior Management Arrangements, Systems & Controls

Risk Policies

SYSC covers your company’s internal arrangements, including your policies and procedures, but also extending as far as Risk Policies, general controls standards and some employment conditions.

Risk policies deal largely with business and prudential risk as oppose to operational risk, and will examine both your firm and its client’s risks, in the wider market in general as well as specifically at your products and the possible risks which can adversely affect your client as well as your business. Systems and Controls (SYSC) looks to afford the best possible protection to clients specifically, and requires business procedures to meet high levels standards in order to be compliant. The London Compliance Solution team have worked with a number of different business’ in implementing their Risk policies, and have a strong knowledge of SYSC.

Employment Conditions

Although SYSC focuses on senior management, it will also have a wider effect on the employees of the business. Requirements include looking at the competency and capability of a candidate before employment, as well as continuing to ensure that these individuals are appropriately equipped to continue performing to a high standard in their position. The way that your business pays its employees may also be affected by its SYSC requirements, an area of high sensitivity that can at times require a delicate interpretation of the legislation.

General SYSC requirements

The business’ general policy standards will be scrutinised, ranging from a closer look at who effectively runs the business, to the standard of your firm’s internal audit and compliance measures. The senior management of your firm must observe a certain standard in the operation of your business according to this part of the FCA handbook. London Compliance Solutions have consultant who have been senior management within Financial Institutions, Brokerages, Payment Institutions and Banks, and are in a good position to assist in ensuring your internal measures are effective in regards to these SYSC requirements.

COBS Conduct of Business Standards

COBS are the core FCA Sourcebook for material relating to how your firm conducts its daily business in relation to its clients. COBS guidelines can at time be unclear at first, and it is therefore important that they are interpreted correctly to ensure that your firm meets the requisite business standards.

“Conduct” is interpreted differently throughout this sourcebook. It does not always mean physical actions, such as how a face to face meeting is carried out, but rather the way in which your firm acts in particular situations. To this extent, there is some cross over with other FCA guidelines, which requires a thorough understanding of the FCA Handbook and relevant legislation, ensuring the correct interpretation is prioritised accordingly.

A review of your business’s compliance with COBS will require us to observe your business’ client interaction and categorisation, suitability arrangements as well as a thorough audit of your firms operational procedures regarding client facing activity and general procedural proprietary.

Prudential Standards

Depending on your business, you will have prudential requirements which can arise out of a number of different legislations, which in many cases overlap and intertwine, creating a difficult area of regulation to navigate.

Given the diverse backgrounds of the individuals at London Compliance Solutions, we have developed a strong understanding of a wide variety of firm’s prudential standards, ranging from Capital Adequacy requirements for Financial and Payment Services firms, to Investment Manager Client’s Assets (CASS) requirements.