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Risk Management

At London Compliance Solutions we understand the importance of effectively managing the operational and business risks which affect your business. In addition to regulatory expertise, LCS can draw on extensive experience in day to day business management and operations, to assist in the monitoring of high risk areas, processes and documentation.

Operational Risk

Operational Risk is not only an area closely observed by the Regulators, but is also key to the consistent performance of your business. Easily overlooked, Operational Risk looks at possible events that if occur, may have adverse effects on the profitability and continuity of your business. It is an area of risk that does not look to the possibility of events occurring externally, but rather focuses on measures and controls, as well as stringent contingency planning, to effectively manage and reduce the high levels of risk arising from internal events.

A mistake made by an individual in processing a transaction, communication or execution. In each of these circumstances, there may be a negative impact arising out of human error. The key to effective Operational Risk, is to put in place a control, such as transaction reviews, to mitigate the risk and limit a negative impact to the business.

Some risks are easier to identify than others, however there is not always correlation between the apparentness of the risk, and the magnitude of its effect should the risk be realised. At London Compliance Solutions we believe that in order to best prepare your business, a pro-active approach to Operational Risk should be taken, with thorough planning and continued observation.

Risk Reviews & Assessment

Risk Assessment is the means in which Operational Risk is identified at the initial stage and will require an assessment similar to that of an audit, where your firm’s current measures and controls are examined to determine whether they are both effective and proportionate. This will often occur in preparation of a Risk Document, but can also be required by third party institutions or respective regulators.

Some requirements can be imposed in such a way that they hamper the productivity of the business. In these cases, there may be alternatives which allow for a balance between your firms risk management and its business activities. At London Compliance Solutions we understand that although limiting the risk of your firm is important, it should not needlessly hinder the ability of the business to grow.

Periodic Risk Reviews take place to monitor the effectiveness of measures implemented at the Risk Assessment, as well as address developments and requirements for operational matters imposed by both the Regulator and UK legislation. Should your firm have undergone considerable change, such as the diversification into alternative markets, the Risk Review will assess whether it is necessary to make changes to your risk management policy in order to encompass these changes.

Risk Management Documentation

Risk Management Documentation outline’s the Firm’s risk policy, ensuring that operational matters encompass practical measures which allow for the best, most efficient practice, with maximum risk mitigation.

Some documents are required by the Regulator in order to operate as a regulated entity, such as the ICAAP and Business Continuity Plan for Financial Services firms and must be updated periodically to comply with UK regulations. This process requires a detailed knowledge of the FCA Handbook, UK and EU legislation, as at any one time it is likely that your business is affected by a number of different laws.

London Compliance Solutions have experts on hand with operational knowledge of your business who can Risk Assess, Risk Review and draft bespoke documents for your business, providing you with workable practical solutions.