After, he was revealed on school’s park together with his class mates, cheerful at an excellent bird exactly who got into the his hands

Event 04 – The fresh Melancholy, Surprise, and you can Disappearance out-of Nagito Komaeda

Enjoying his classmates are depressing all day following the fatalities of Natsumi Kuzuryu and you may Sato affecting its comfort, Nagito considered he have to do anything about any of it. Due to the fact annual fundamental exam do start a day later, Nagito went to Chisa throughout the team room and expected their in order to cancel the test, reasoning one their classmates would not be in the their finest on account of their latest disposition. Unfortuitously, the test did not feel terminated just like the Nagito wished, however, he previously already wishing his own plan.

Basic, Nagito gave Teruteru a photo publication of the popular idol Sayaka Maizono on located area of the Greatest Pharmacist Seiko Kimura, brand new upperclassmen just who assisted Teruteru create their aphrodisiac soup.

Nagito upcoming decided to go to Seiko in the chemistry research, stating as constipated and asking for a good laxative. Although not, when he achieved into package higher-up regarding shop place, he fell on the floor and additionally a couple of bottles. He decided not to take a look at English names and you may trusted their luck, choosing the incorrect bottles branded “Reanimator” designed for Seiko’s classmate Ruruka Ando instead of the “Reactivator”.

Up coming, Nagito remaining an unknown warning towards college one to crappy anything carry out happens if for example the practical tests are not canceled, in which he hid a bomb in gymnasium.

A bit later on, Nagito eventually bumped into Seiko who had been hurrying into fitness center. Nagito thanked their particular towards laxative, and therefore made Seiko delighted. She leftover in a rush as well as their similar looking bags was occur to transformed.

Nagito waiting brand new medication concealed as beverages, hence seemed to be the initial section of their bundle, since bomb seemed to be package B if for example the previous were unsuccessful. Gundham Tanaka’s missing canine eaten among the drinks and you can became big, hence produced Nagito know it’s just not an effective laxative. Unperturbed because of the giant puppy, Nagito decided to maintain his plan and make use of the newest bomb button, but then pointed out that the guy likewise has the incorrect wallet. The dog went into the gym while you are Nagito seated down, relatively depressed because of their failure and also the number of bad luck. But he then smiled, saying that the guy should be its happy to play such as crappy fortune.

Next, the newest judges ended up restaurants Ruruka’s pastries laced with laxative, and you may Seiko affect turned on the fresh new bomb in addition to Ruruka.

Chisa discover Nagito and you will spoke that have your alone on what took place. Nagito explained his ideology, but Chisa told your you to definitely pledge doesn’t are from hurting others. When Nagito called themselves trash once more, Chisa slapped your immediately after which gently got their lead ranging from their particular hands, informing Evlilik iГ§in Litvanca kadД±n your that he’s perhaps not garbage, however, their particular precious pupil who is going to graduate that have group else. Chisa later defended Nagito against the dominant and you can informed his classmates you to Nagito only desired to enable them to and that they should offer your a loving acceptance when he production.

By incident, Seiko, Ruruka and you will Sonosuke Izayoi wound up expelled, Nagito’s teacher Koichi Kizakura was put on probation and you may Chisa is actually relocated to the Set-aside Course. Nagito are suspended forever, yet not expelled due to his higher talent, as well as the standard assessments was basically in reality put off. Additionally it is mentioned that miraculously there have been no casualties regarding the rush, that is a different sort of exemplory instance of Nagito’s chance.

Event 07 – The largest, Very Atrocious Event during the Hope’s Level Academy’s History

Nagito don’t return to Hope’s Top getting a year. At one point, he had been for the a different airplane and this damaged, that have Nagito the sole survivor, making your by yourself on an abandoned isle eden.

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