At London Compliance Solutions we are dedicated to finding the brightest and best talent. We know that the compliance world is multifaceted and fast growing. We welcome applications across any compliance sector with the overall goal to create the most diverse financial compliance solution company.


London Compliance Solutions is a large, diverse and growing company that services clients across a vast range of industries. Our clients originate from all parts of the globe and our hiring policy reflects that diversity. We welcome applications regardless of gender, race, religion or sexual orientation, our hiring is purely driven by how capable you are to fulfil the job specification.
We relish being an equal opportunities employer and have created a fair, safe and thoroughly enjoyable company to work for.
We look for motivated people with an acumen for processing large amounts of complex information. We want candidates that are driven to succeed and help the company grow with a strong commitment to helping our clients get ahead of their competition.
In return we offer a generous salary, fantastic career development and support as well as a unique and dynamic work environment where no two days are the same.
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It is a rapidly changing industry, and we champion the people that can keep up with the regulation, we don’t play catch up, we innovate and make sure we always know what financial compliance challenge is just around the corner to help our clients stay ahead.
Although candidates with a longstanding and proven track record in the financial regulation industry are preferred, we also welcome applications from other relevant compliance fields.
If you are that talented, enthusiastic individual then we would love to hear from you.
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