Launching a new product is perhaps one of the most exciting and stressful times for a business. Launching a financial product can feel like climbing an unsurmountable mountain. Get it right and you have a product that clients will love and trust for years to come, get it wrong and you can find yourself in some very hot regulatory water.
In today’s markets, there is a huge onus on treating customers fairly. The FCA Regulations use it as a tagline and the EU and International regulators place extreme emphasis on it. When creating a financial product, you need to make sure it ticks an extensive list of financial regulation boxes, because if it falls just a little bit short it spells disaster. Just look at the sheer volume of PPI claims that financial institutions have had to settle.
Further afield the EU has imposed tough sanctions and fines on companies that are selling products that don’t comply with legislation and in the US the government has cracked down severely on companies since the economic crash.


Our expertise has helped our clients innovate in a tough and strictly regulated market, bringing financial solutions to their clients and staying completely compliant. We conduct full regulatory analysis of your product and even go so far as some “outside the box” thinking to see if there are any potential challenges or pitfalls that could arise in the long term. After all, PPI issues only came to light years down the line.
We concentrate on mitigating the risk when you want to create and launch your product. This also takes into account marketing and advertising compliance as the two go hand in hand although many companies stumble at the advertising hurdle. We aim to make your product as successful as you envisage it to be while also making sure the regulators are happy with the financial compliance aspects too.