One of the most difficult threats a business faces is financial crime. Criminals are becoming increasingly smarter and using more sophisticated forms of technology to aid them in committing crime on large scale. Alongside this ever-evolving challenge, companies are finding themselves under intense scrutiny from regulatory bodies, law enforcement and government organisations. Getting your financial crime compliance in order could be the most important step you ever take in risk mitigation.
Failure to implement financial compliance in this area can have grave and substantial penalties. With potentially unlimited fines and prison sentences as potential punishments it is vital that you get ahead of the financial crime risk effectively. Our specialist financial compliance team are dedicated to helping our clients stay abreast of the situation as it develops whilst maintaining rigorous and sound business practices to protect your company from unwanted exposure.


Money laundering used to be a relatively easy practice for criminals to complete, but with increased scrutiny from law enforcement and growing profits, criminals have developed new and often ingenious ways to launder money on a large scale through unsuspecting and legitimate businesses. These unsuspecting businesses are culpable for the crime in most instances, so it is important to be cautious at all times. That is where our expertise can really set you apart from other companies in your field. While they are trying to fathom the problem and find a workable solution, we already have an excellent anti-money laundering (AML) solution ready for you to implement seamlessly with in your business model.
As well as assisting with AML best practices we have a market leading AML training and development program that will keep you and your staff up to date. Customer due diligence is a key area that many companies fall on, but with our AML compliance solution you can rest assured that your staff are vetting customers in the correct way, without affecting your bottom line.



A lot of financial firms will have had some kind of corruption pressure during their lifetime, incidentally this can include things as simple as receiving a gift or a tip. With strict guidelines in place across a number of international regions, we know how important it is to steer clear of any grey areas. London Compliance Solutions prides itself on knowing the rules and regulations and being able to install robust procedures to keep your business model running smoothly without so much as a smear on its trusted reputation.
We know how confusing it can be to draw the line between an innocent customer gift of gratitude and a conflict of interest, so we help you operate within the regulatory framework on a daily basis.


Perhaps the most intensely looked at miss practices in the UK by FCA regulation is insider trading and market abuse. With a zero-tolerance policy and an extremely high conviction rate the FCA regulation does not take this lightly at all. Some convictions have been for small sum transactions even.
Insider dealing and market abuse is not always the transparent affair that you might expect it to be and there are plenty of guidelines in the Market Abuse remit that companies miss or fail to implement correctly. At London Compliance Solutions we know the Market Abuse guidelines inside out. We will be able to help you implement the regulatory framework effectively and will assist you for the ongoing future to ensure that everything stays in place.

We help all of our clients take all of the appropriate measures to ensure they are not exposed to risk.

We pride ourselves on being an international compliance firm that is affordable for everyone, so get in touch now for a no obligation quote and find out exactly how we can help you succeed.