Compliance is an area of your business that will constantly change, new regulations will come in and older legislation will be pushed out for improved measures. Staying on top of the current regulation can sometimes be tricky, especially if there is no direct communication from regulators.
At London Compliance Solutions we understand how vitally important it is to keep up to date with the current market and its regulations and help our clients succeed through our fantastic training solution. It is essential your staff know what is expected of them as well as possessing an innate understanding of the regulation and why it is in place.


Your front-line staff will often be customer facing, whether that be in person or by telephone. Conducting business on a day to day basis and generating sales has a unique set of challenges, these obligations are fundamental to your overall financial compliance process.
Teaching and training your staff the KYC principles is the first and most basic level of AML (Anti Money Laundering) due diligence, for payment institutions particularly it is absolutely essential that staff know and understand what to do before acting on your behalf.


Market abuse is an activity that particularly affects financial services firms and has been the forefront of the FCA mandate since its inception. In response to the financial crisis in 2008, the FCA cracked down hard on rogue operations and continues to implement robust measures to prevent market abuse occurring in the UK economic area.
Market abuse is not always a straightforward affair and many honest firms operating within the UK have been penalised simply for not having robust enough measures to tackle market abuse. This means that although their investment activity is sound and transparent, their operational duties have been overlooked resulting in tough sanctions by the FCA.
With the advent of the Alternative Investment Fund Management Directive in 2014, it became mandatory for investment management firms to provide market abuse training on a periodic basis. At London Compliance Solutions we have created a well-structured course to educate your staff and allow them to function safely on behalf of your business.


Irrespective of which type of firm you operate; your compliance officer and money laundering reporting officer will need to be able to demonstrate a competent and capable knowledge of the relevant regulation. If an approved person lacks understanding across the regulatory sphere, then they are likely not to be fit to hold the position.
At London Compliance Solutions we have designed our training solutions to give your approved persons all of the knowledge and understanding to operate independently. This means that rather than having to pay ongoing fees for our services, we take a different approach to other compliance firms and give you the tools to operate on your own with complete confidence.


Occasionally the market regulations will change and periodically we will be on contact to let you know of any changes to your obligations. This puts you in great stead to stay abreast of the current legislation and allows you the option of securing additional training from us or whether the changes can be implemented without too much intervention.
Our goal is to empower you as the client to be able to control your compliance destiny.
Our training solutions can be broken down and purchased as and when needed, perhaps a refresher course on AML is needed, or maybe a brush up on the legislation is required? Get in touch today to find out how we can help your business succeed.
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