London Compliance Solutions is an industry leading international compliance and audit management firm. We offer an extensive range of compliance services to firms in the private and public sector, regardless of size or stature. We specialise in bringing compliance solutions in a number of financial regulation sectors, including but not limited to;


Once authorised there are many ongoing challenges a firm will face, and we aim to make sure that our financial compliance packages keep working alongside your business to stay on top of any ongoing demands.
Regulation, legislation and directives are ever changing, always being expanded on and evolving to meet the challenges of the financial markets and financial climate. It is with this in mind that we have had to create a highly adaptable, robust and intuitive compliance package that will be able to keep up with the regulatory trends and fit your business as you look to grow and expand your operations.
To do this we provide an active core monitoring process which both analyses your compliance processes and policies as well as survey wider areas such as financial reporting and risk management. This works hand in hand with our industry leading training and development program which empowers companies with all of the tools to successfully operate in a rigorously tested environment.


In order for us to complete audits and assessments we will visit your premises on a regular basis to conduct and carry out all the relevant checks. We aim to work behind the scenes and would not cause any interruption to the day to day operations of your business. We will then have an initial meeting with you and any core management team, discussing where the company is succeeding and what steps can be made to implement a more robust and safe compliance environment. We will discuss how best to implement the practices across your specific business (we fully understand that no 2 businesses are alike.) and how best to integrate practices with minimal operational impact. Once this has been done, we will have a structured framework set out, outlining regulatory expectations and comprehensive reporting programs. We will also then sporadically conduct spot checks or full compliance audits to ensure that everything is working correctly. As and when regulation changes we will be in contact in the first instance to update you and your teams and bring an active change to the existing compliance package to ensure that ongoing needs are met as well.


Aside from the ad-hoc checks and regular contact with updates we are always on hand to answer any number of questions that may arise in real time. We understand that there are sometimes grey areas that firms like clarification on, so they can continue to operate with complete peace of mind, and this is something we enthusiastically encourage clients to do. We also work with your firm in the event of any regulatory involvement, for example FCA regulation enforcement.
We are so proud that our clients all feel that we implement our compliance solutions in a way that suits them, bucking the trend of restrictive compliance management firms.
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We understand that sometimes you may feel like you or your firm requires additional assistance with compliance management; this is why we have uniquely developed a program where by one of our compliance experts can integrate with your firm on secondment. These short-term secondments are a fantastic way of you not only getting your compliance sorted, but also teaches invaluable lessons about how you might approach managing compliance in house without relying heavily on outside help.
Our aim is to empower our clients to be able to do the compliance job themselves without having to outsource the job, having one of our dedicated experts in your team will allow active and productive training to you and your staff, helping you become experienced compliance professionals in your own right.
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